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Bail a Loved One Out of Jail Without Breaking the Bank

Our Services

At Justice Services of Indiana JSI, we understand the work involved when an individual experiences legal troubles. As professionals in our field, we’re here to lighten the burden for you.

Turn to us when you need to get your bond posted. Looking for process serving,  notary public services, fingerprinting, drug testing, tb testing, faxing? We have you covered, too.

What Sets Us Apart

As our company is locally owned and operated, we are able to reach out to clients in 40 counties in Indiana, including Lawrence and Greene County. Our services are also more affordable than the ones provided in jails, which means that you won’t spend a fortune when you rely on us.

Rate Chart: Jail vs. JSI

  • $2005 vs. $1605 = $400 Savings

  • $755 vs. $605 = $150 Savings

  • $505 vs. $405 = $100 Savings

  • $305 vs. $245 = $60 Savings

All Services Offered 

Bail Bonding

Fugitive Recovery

Process Serving

Notary Public

Finger Printing 

Drug Testing 

TB Testing


Justice Services of Indiana (JSI)

Phone:  812-804-1802

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